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We offer bighorn sheep hunts for Rocky Mountain or Desert.  Don't waste that once in a lifetime tag. We live in the heart of sheep country and can put you on a ram worth all the years of waiting.


Antelope hunts can also be a fun, flat land hunt. We've got an abundance of these speed goats in the areas surrounding our hometown. 


We offer off season trips to observe or photograph wildlife for those who do not care to harvest an animal, or if you simply want a chance to see part of nature not accessible to all. We can do this on the back of a horse or mule.  This is a great activity to enjoy the outdoors with family.  We also offer the opportunity to follow a pack of hounds and see a bear up close. For those that have the urge and stamina to hike into a tree, this is a chance to be part of a time honored tradition of hound hunting.  These trips are priced based on individual situations, feel free to call and discuss what we can offer to make your dream a reality. 


We pride ourselves in the fact you will come as a client and leave as a friend.

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